The Risk of a Job Injury

Thousands of employees get hurt while working every year. This proves that getting a workplace injury is always a risk no matter what your job may be. Whether you work in an office or construction site, you can suffer a workplace accident that results in an injury. Some occupational injuries are minor while others are life-threatening. Here is a short guide to avoiding the most common workplace injuries.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

Virtually every workplace has fall hazards. In order to prevent tripping, you should keep walkways clear of clutter and obstacles. You should also cover or reroute cables on the floor. Slipping is best avoided by cleaning up spills, using non-slip mats, and wearing anti-slip shoes or boots. If you do fall and are seriously injured, have an on the job injury attorney help secure your financial security until you recover.

Injuries from Overexertion

The causes of overexertion include lifting, carrying, pulling, pushing, or holding objects. Overexerting yourself is especially possible if the objects in question are heavy. You should always ask for help accomplishing these tasks whenever you feel there is a risk of injury. If you must perform a strenuous activity, make sure to use the proper safety equipment and utilize proper ergonomic techniques.

Getting Hit by Objects

Being struck by objects is another prevalent occupational injury across industries. To reduce the likelihood of this injury, you should make sure any stacked materials are properly organized to prevent collapse, falling, or sliding. If your job requires it, you may need to wear safety gear such as hardhats, safety goggles, or face shields. Avoid working under heavy machinery while it’s in operation.

Your Employer’s Mandatory Safety Program

There are many other safety concerns not mentioned here, such as hearing loss and ventilation. While it is important to do everything you can in your power to be a safe worker, your employer also has obligations. It is your employer’s duty to keep you free from harm and hazards while at your job. The negligence of your employer to mitigate risks can cause you to suffer an injury. If you feel a job task is risky, consult with your supervisor for advice or give notice of the danger.