Beach Bike Trends

The Coolest Beach Cruiser Bikes

Check out any beach and you’ll soon be eyeing one of many cool beach cruiser bikes that abound. These colorful easy to ride bikes have been growing in popularity the last few years. But today's beach cruiser goes far beyond the simple beach bikes of years past. Here are a few examples of the cool factor that makes many beach cruisers the best option around.

vintage bike


A close cousin to the stretch limo, these are bikes that have had the main body stretched out. The long bodies make them the kind of beach bike you want to lean back in, cruising in relax mode. What began as a hip custom look has taken off and you can now find stretch beach cruisers on many bike websites.


Bikes are a great transportation vehicle for all kinds of people, including the elderly and the disabled. The rising popularity of three wheeled beach cruisers adds to the variety of people who can enjoy the beach and remain active. Looking like an adult version of a tricycle, they often have shopping baskets on the back to make them the perfect errand bike for beachside living seniors. Go granny go!


A new kind of beach cruiser has also been making the rounds, the resurrection of the classic 1950s kid's bike. Often brightly colored and sporting long colorful tassels from the handles, these throwbacks to our childhood are attracting baby boomers who long for a simpler time.